Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark was born in New York City and from an early age he was surrounded by musical and theatrical influences, At the young age of five Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark learnt to play the saxophone and various other instruments, but a meeting at the age of eight with the great Louis Armstrong persuaded him that the trumpet was the instrument for him.

When Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark was ten his family moved to Las Vegas and he continued to study the trumpet under the tuition of a former trumpet player with the Glenn Miller Band. Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark began with his first band at the age of six and from the age of fifteen performed at night in hotels on the famous Las Vegas Strip, It was during this period that he discovered his talent for impersonating singers such as Elvis Presley , Johnny Mathis, Neil Diamond and many others.

Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark moved to Los Angeles in 1983 and continued to work on improving his own voice and increasing his list of impressions whilst working in recording studios. He became particularly interested in Elvis Presley and began working on the voice and mannerisms and in 1986 began performing his “Memories of Elvis Presley ” During this period he also appeared in two movies in Los Angeles as Elvis, and received good reviews for his appearance and acting abilities.

Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark then moved to England in 1989 and took the “Memories of Elvis Presley” on tour around the UK, Europe and the Far East. In September 1991 he produced and staged the show with a 14 piece band in the same format as Elvis Presley own Hilton performance in 1971, the event was a sell out to an audience of over a thousand people.

During this time Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark was also making many appearances on television, February 1991 saw him in a leading role in the BBC 2 cult comedy classic Red Dwarf, followed by roles in comedy sketches on the Les Dennis Laughter Show and the Jasper Carrot Show later that year. In June 1991 he appeared on BBC’s Take Two in a live broadcast to China, he also appeared in a film for the London and Newport Film Institute and even found the time to tour Europe for four weeks entertaining the troops returning from the Gulf War.

In 1992 Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton became the first male singer to shatter a glass for Memorex and subsequently performed in an advertisement for them, the same year an audition for the award winning West End Musical ” Elvis Presley – The Musical” resulted in a starring role as the mature Tribute act Elvis Presley and a highly successful tour of the UK and Australia, Tribute act Clayton was singled out by the critics who marvelled at the power and range of his voice, one in particular stating “He sounds as if he can sing anything” over the next 5 years Elvis Presley tribute act Clayton performed in tours of his show and the highly successful “Concert They Never Gave” in England and Europe.

July 1994 his own show “From Blues & Soul to Rock & Roll” showcased Tribute act Clayton’s diverse talents in a 2-week run at the Riviera Centre in Torquay. Reviews and audiences alike confirmed Elvis Presley Presley Tribute act Clayton’s talent in his own right. Summer 1996 saw him starring in “Sunday Night with the Stars” at the Babbacombe Theatre in Torquay, again displaying his varied talents. He also tried his hand at pantomime, appearing in leading roles in 1994 and 1997, quite an experience for a New Yorker unaccustomed to that particular British tradition!

During 1997 and 1998, as well as performing as Tribute act Elvis Presley, Clayton spent more time developing his own talent and recording a country album. He has visited Finland numerous times from 1997 to the present time and produced and performed in highly successful concerts there.

He has starred as Tribute act Elvis Presley in the Legends show in summer season in Blackpool from 1999 through 2007 whilst still performing in theatres, Clubs and at private venues. He continues to be asked to perform on television and his fan club has grown worldwide.