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Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark was born in New York City and from an early age he was surrounded by musical and theatrical influences, At the young age of five Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark learnt to play the saxophone and various other instruments, but a meeting at the age of eight with the great Louis Armstrong persuaded him that the trumpet was the instrument for him.

When Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark was ten his family moved to Las Vegas and he continued to study the trumpet under the tuition of a former trumpet player with the Glenn Miller Band. He began with his first band at the age of six and from the age of fifteen performed at night in hotels on the famous Las Vegas Strip; it was during this period that he discovered his talent for impersonating singers such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Mathis, Neil Diamond and many others.

Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark moved toLos Angelesin 1983 and continued to work on improving his own voice and increasing his list of impressions whilst working in recording studios. He became particularly interested in Elvis Presley and began working on the voice and mannerisms and in 1986 began performing his “Memories of Elvis Presley” During this period he also appeared in two movies inLos Angelesas Elvis, and received good reviews for his appearance and acting abilities.

Elvis Presley Tribute acts Clayton Mark IS Elvis Presley.


What the papers say

Elvis Presley Tribute act Clayton Mark
“Clayton Mark who has the stance and mannerisms, the soaring vocal power and the sonorous, deep voice off to a tee. Close your eyes and it could almost be the real thing.”

“Clayton Mark with his own voice is outstanding. His vocal range is unbelievable and his finale was powerful enough to pull the audience out of their seats for the encore which followed.”
“Remember the name Clayton Mark. The audience cheered him loud and long and he well deserved it. Elvis never had a voice like Clayton Mark but this actor has all the charisma that Elvis ever had. He sounds as if he can sing anything.”


Film & Television:

Hollywood Highs
Motion Picture (Warner Bros)

Out of Bounds
Motion Picture (Universal)

Jasper Carrot Show
BBC Television

Red Dwarf IV, “Meltdown”
BBC Television
Les Dennis Laughter Show
BBC Television

Take 2
BBC Television

Noel’s House Part
BBC Television
“Tongue Tied” Video Tape
Danny John Jules (Red Dwarf)

The Rudy Coby Show
BBC Television

Jack Dee Show
Channel 4 Television

Year of Promise

LA Pool Party BBC Television
Las Vegas Uncovered
Sky Television

Planet Christmas BBC Television

Elvis the Musical
1992/93UK Tour – 1994Australia Tour

The Concert they Never Gave 1994/95 UK/Netherlands/Belgium Tour
Elvis – The Musical 1997 Piccadilly Theatre, London
Elvis Christmas Country Show 1998/2000 Helsinki, Finland
Legends 1999 May – Nov North Pier Blackpool
Legends 2000 – 2006 March – Nov Central Pier Blackpoll
Elvis in Concert 2001 September, London Palladium

1994 Woking: “Starbucks” Goldilocks & The Three Bears (E&B Productions)

1997 Billingham: “Prince Charming” Goldilocks & the Three Amazing Bears (Duggie Chapman Productions)

Speciality Act:
Memories of Elvis
Europe,USA,Far East

The Clayton mark Show
England, Australia

From Blues & Soul to Rock & Roll

Sunday Night with the Stars

Gospel Show
Finland,England &USA

Lounge Shows/Nightclubs

Las Vegas, USACaesar’s Palace, Hilton, Aladdin, Sahara, UnionPlaza, Freemont

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Valve Trombone, French horn, Guitar

Dudley Harvey
Trumpet 4 years

Jim Gerufus
Vocals 3 Years

Margaret Gerufus
Choreography 2 Years

Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby (talking and singing), Elvis (talking and singing), Neil Diamond, Louis Armstrong (singing and playing), Nat King Cole, Engelbert, Michael Bolton, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Tom Jones, Sly Stallone, Sam Cook, James Ingram, Michael McDonald, Walter Brennan, John Wayne, Jack Nicholson, Al Jolson, Rodney Dangerfield, Jackie Mason, Tony Bennett and a host of Disney and Hanna Barbara characters – Comedy and Dance.


Cruise ships

Elvis Tribute act Clayton Mark is a regular traveler on ships around the World. Not just performing his Elvis Presley Tribute act, but as an accomplished solo performer.

From ballads to pop and then onto his amazing trumpet set, Elvis Tribute act Clayton Mark is certainly a seasoned entertainer working theatres, cruise ships plus an incredible run at the London Palladium as the star of the hit musical ‘ELVIS’